Crowded Halls

        600-01694858  “Excuse me.”    “Please move.”   “I need to get to class.”   “MOVE!” 

             Aren’t you tired of having to tell people to get out of the way and just WALK?  The groups of people that stand in the hallways during passing period make people late to class.  Whether it’s a group of 3 or 10, there is never enough room in the hallways to stand around and chat.  There are people walking east, and people walking west.  There are enough problems with people just stopping at their lockers, let alone with 50 groups of friends standing in the way too.  A lot of people here at FMHS don’t even move when asked, they wait untill THEY’RE done talking, which is way rude!  Of course, some people are actually polite and try to make room.  “I’m so tired of people standing in the middle of the hall between passing periods.” says Sophmore, Brayden Snyder.

                  “What I hate the most is how slow people walk.  That’s hard to get around.” says Sophmore, Kaelee Hernandez.  That’s another problem that we have in the hallways.  People taking their sweet time.  We only have a five minute passing period to go to our lockers, and get to our next class.  So why do we walk so slow?  We have the commons to stand around and talk to our friends, let’s use them and not the hallways.

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